Tree and Hedge Trimming

Keeping everything tidy and looking good in a garden involves a lot of work, and not just weeding.

Trimming trees and hedges involves cutting back overgrowth and shaping them into something aesthetically pleasing, and along with ensuring that your property looks in top condition, it is beneficial to the health and vitality of the tree or shrub.

A tree that doesn’t receive regular trims can grow to be misshapen or unbalanced, with branches sticking out and uneven growth. While some people don’t mind the “wild and free” look for their greenery, many prefer their outdoor spaces to look just as well-kept and orderly as those inside their homes. Having your trees trimmed frequently keeps everything groomed and gorgeous—and means that the upkeep won’t get away on you.

There’s nothing quite so satisfying to the eye as a neatly trimmed hedge!

Those tidy, attractive barriers of greenery are tricky to develop and maintain—hedge trimming is a skill, and one that requires knowledge, patience, and the right equipment. The art of creating an attractive hedge is one that’s part science, part creativity. While many people just want straight lines, other property owners like to have some fun with their arboreal creations. This might mean including a little topiary action in your hedge trimming services.

Topiary Trimming Wellington

To hit upon the right design and height for a hedge, we encourage owners to consider what their goals are for it, both practical and aesthetic. Hedges are very useful for blocking wind, sound, and the view of nosy neighbours or passers-by. They keep out intruders effectively (who wants to crash through a dense hedge?) and they can change with your needs as they grow or are trimmed down. And they serve all of those practical purposes while looking great. A hedge makes a fantastic border to your property or delineation between separate spaces, but it will require regular maintenance to look good and function well.

Like pruning, trimming trees and shrubs improves their health and makes them stronger and more resilient. It creates a healthier structure and can also encourage them to grow out fuller and lusher than before. What’s more, keeping on top of trimming your trees and hedges makes it easy to manage their size before they get out of hand and you end up with a tricky tree removal job. 

The team at Reid’s Trees has the knowledge and skill to shape and care for your trees and hedges properly. If you have some greenery that you’d like to keep tidy, have a chat with the team so we can come up with a plan to whip your property into shape. We serve clients all over the Wellington area, shaping and maintaining hedges and trees of all shapes and sizes. 

Topiary Trimming Wellington

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