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Tree Removal Wellington

Removing large trees requires a lot of expertise to do correctly, and it’s a service we have provided to a high standard for many happy customers in the Wellington region.

Our primary concern and focus when it comes to taking down trees is safety. That means both the safety of our team and any onlookers, and also of the surrounding property—buildings, landscaping features, and other greenery. Often, property owners find that trees outgrow their position, and can become a hazard—dropping branches on roofs, threatening to interfere with power lines, or putting pressure on nearby buildings. They may also prove difficult to remove easily, being too big for a basic chainsaw cut and too close to gardens, structures, and utilities.

Cutting down a tree is a delicate operation, there’s no getting around that, but it can be done without posing a danger to the surrounding people and places. Reid’s Trees has the experience, the expertise, and the equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. We use specialist rigging and climbing techniques to remove large trees bit-by-bit, in a way that’s secure and controlled. Our promise is to leave your property in better shape than it was when we arrived!

Felling a tree is the most straightforward and quickest way to take one down, but it is a method that can be performed only under ideal circumstances, and rarely in an urban area. It requires a landing zone of twice the tree’s height to ensure nothing is in harm’s way—so while we do offer tree felling, we will only do it this way if it is safe.

We can also remove stumps from your property, providing a tidy look for your garden or lawn. Small or large stumps and tricky roots can be ground down and eliminated in a safe and permanent manner, getting rid of pesky stumps which can make your outdoors space look and feel cluttered.

Here is one of our Tree Removals from Newlands.

The before and after comparison shows how much tree removal can open up your views and light into your property. This property own was very pleased. 

Absolutely amazing service cutting down 2 huge macrocarpas in very hard terrain.

Prompt, great communication, helpful friendly staff…some of the best tradespeople we’ve dealt with.

Would highly recommend this company to anyone having tree work done.

Joy Howard | Newlands

March 13 2019

Tree Removal WellingtonTree Removal Wellington

Reid’s Trees operates with two million dollars in public liability insurance cover—peace of mind for our clients. Our skill and care mean we have never used the cover, and we intend to keep it that way. Get in touch for a quote.