Tree Shaping

Shaping Pohutukawa Wellington

Part of creating the look you want in your garden or outdoor space is shaping trees.

This process is one that requires skill and the passage of time to be fully effective; when it delivers, it can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your landscaping.

Tree shaping is an art, and to be done properly it needs a skilled practitioner who knows the characteristics of particular species. Many different and spectacular arboreal masterpieces can be achieved through shaping: plants grafted together, bending of branches and trunks, twisting, braiding, framing, and more. 

Many of our clients, however, use shaping for simpler goals: to ensure that a tree is scaled to properly fit its environment, or that its canopy retains an aesthetically pleasing shape typical of its species—that distinctive willow shape, for example, or the tall, thin poplar form. Regular, strategic pruning can encourage a tree to grow to fit a space effectively or conform to a particular look that works well in your garden.

For shaping to be effective, we like to start as early as possible in the life of a tree. However, we can also make improvements to mature trees with regular shaping work. Pruning the canopy each year allows gradual adjustments that encourage growth in the right direction. We often use a crown reduction technique to reduce the whole tree every few years if it is getting too big for its position.

Formative Tree Pruning Progress WellingtonFormative Tree Pruning Results Wellington

If you have a vision for your landscaping that requires some tree shaping, get in touch with Reid’s Trees! We can come up with a plan to whip your trees into shape and keep them that way.